It is inevitable that companies that are continuous need legal support on a regular basis. In addition to internal relations between board of directors, partners, shareholders, and employees of companies, their external relations with government agencies and other companies should be regulated legally and audited constantly.

The sooner companies start to receive regular legal services, the sooner they will proceed legally and financially without any cost and trouble. Among our advocacy and consultancy services provided to companies, those can be pointed out; company establishment and capital financing, structuring and management of companies, preparation of articles of association and shareholders agreement, distribution of duties and authorities of board of directors and representative board, preparation of all kinds of contract such as international and national mergers and acquisitions, joint venture agreements, franchising, dealership and distributorship agreements, cancellation of decisions of general assembly and board of directors, auditing and regulation of financial responsibilities of companies.

In addition to above, we provide legal services in every field that a company may need from a to z, such as ensuring compliance with the new Turkish Commercial Code, structuring company debts, collecting company receivables, regulating employer-employee relations, drafting standard contracts, capital structuring, completing share transfer and sales transactions as well as public offering transactions, providing information on investment and branching opportunities in foreign countries, conducting company’s press, media and reputation relations, ensuring compliance with the personal data protection law at local and international level, carrying out mediation processes prior to labour, commercial and consumer lawsuits, ensuring protection of company’s brands and copyrights.